7 Myths Uncovered About Gay Dating

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Any gay man will tell you, twink, bear or otherwise, that the common myths surrounding gay dating are enough to drive them mad. You would not believe the number of ridiculous things most gay men will have heard throughout their dating life, normally from small-minded idiots that should know better.

We decided to take a closer look into the world of gay dating and bust apart those common misconceptions. It’s going to get bumpy…

1 – All gay’s are promiscuous

This is like saying all straight men will cheat on their wives, or all young girls are slappers that spread their legs for just about anyone. How rude is it to out such a stereotype on someone? Especially such a derogatory one!

The truth of the matter is this – gay people are no more likely to be promiscuous as straight people are. In fact, studies have shown that gay people tend to indulge in long-term relationships over multiple sex partners so perhaps its wise to scrap this myth one hundred percent.

2 – If you have children within a gay couple, they will be gay

Gosh, this is another thing we’ve all heard over the years. If two men have a baby, will their baby be gay?

Gay isn’t something that is taught. It’s something that is felt. It’s something that is always built within you. You can’t turn a child gay. What a ridiculous thing to say.

3 – If you match two gay men together in a blind date, they will love each other!

That’s like saying you can put any girl and any guy in bed together and they will have amazing sex. Are you kidding me? Just because you are gay and he is gay doesn’t mean that you’re automatically going to hit it off. The myths surrounding gay dating are ridiculous, aren’t they? How many of these have you heard so far?

4 – All gay men lead a gay lifestyle

If you’re new to the gay dating world, don’t fall prey to that common impression that all gay men lead a certain kind of gay lifestyle. Again, it’s like tarring every gay guy with the same brush… you just wouldn’t do it!

5 – Gay guys will try to come on to straight guys

You know that ‘gay-dar’ thing that people joke about? You know what we mean here – how gay people know when another man is gay? Well, that’s kind of right when you think about it. If there is a straight man in the room, the gay guys aren’t all going to go for him. After all, he might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Gay, straight, pink with yellow spots… If you’re not his type of guy, that twink won’t come on to you.

6 – Gay guys will become straight ‘with the right woman’

You would have no idea how many times straight men have said this to us, whether it’s in a joking sense of the world or otherwise. We won’t be gay when we come across the ‘right woman’?!? Pffft. What a joke.

7 – Gay men will put out on the first date

Do you know how many other GAY men expect us to put out on a first date? If the moment takes us and everything feels right, we’re not saying that it wouldn’t happen but to expect it is another mater entirely. It’s rude to expect that. That’s all we’re going to say on the matter.